Photography on this page provided by Jared Chambers

Clean Lane Property Services LLC is a joint venture between Father and Son, Rusty and Chris Neal. Rusty has been in the cleaning business since the late 1970's and in 2005 purchased Eagle Window Cleaners from his former employer. Two years later he purchased Clean Lane originally based out of Great Valley, NY. In 2018 Southern Tier Carpet Care and a portion of Fred’s Contract Cleaning was added to the portfolio.


Our Mission

Our mission is simple, to provide top notch cleaning and restoration services. That is simple to say but not so simple to accomplish. To provide top notch services means never settling and never saying "that's the way we have always done it"  because if you keep doing the same thing then you can expect the same results.  Its a vicious cycle that way. Never settling requires continuous education. Education in the form of classroom certification courses and countless hours of researching and testing of chemicals and processes to ensure our customers are getting the service they expect from us. Over the last decade we have expanded our service offerings from window cleaning only to be a full service cleaning business. If its dirty, chances are we can clean it! We will continue to add services to our arsenal in the future to ensure the we are a one stop shop for all of your cleaning needs!